• To liaise with Warwick District Council and other interested organisations to ensure that Abbey Fields is maintained in its present semi-natural state.
  • To try to ensure that the environment is not degraded by litter, vandalism, inappropriate use of Abbey Fields or the introduction of inappropriate new facilities.
  • To enhance Abbey Fields as a habitat for wildlife.
  • To become a point of contact for members of the public to raise their concerns about Abbey Fields.
  • To raise public awareness about the historic, aesthetic, wildlife and amenity value of Abbey Fields and to encourage the public to participate in its protection for future generations.
  • To encourage the public to become members of Friends of Abbey Fields, to give members the opportunity to stand for election to committee and to ensure that the activities of Friends of Abbey Fields are endorsed by the membership.
  • In order to preserve independence, any person who is a member of the Town, District or County Councils should not become a member of the committee, although they are very welcome to join us as members.