Litter picking – see below for Litter Pick dates

From April to October on the first Saturday of each month (whenever possible) at 9.30 am we meet at the Swimming Baths Café to do a litter pick. Old clothes and wellies are the order of the day as we like to clear the stream of litter as well. The WDC has provided us with gloves, bin bags and we have a dustpan and brush to pick up any broken glass. We also now have some distinctive yellow tabards with our logo on to show who we are.

It is amazing how rewarding it is to clear the Fields of offending litter and we are very grateful to all members of the public who collect litter on a regular basis as without their help the Fields would look a sorry sight.

Industrious Beavers ready to Litter Pick – June 2017

In 2017 we started litter picking in April. We had something like 84 volunteers plus, on one occasion, 12 very enthusiastic Beavers. Well done the Beavers.
For most of the litter picks the weather was kind to our volunteers and we did not have to abandon a single Saturday. We collected approximately 34 bags of rubbish during this time. Two fewer than last  year. Let’s hope that this reduction keeps going.

Perhaps the most interesting find was a sharp knife. It was found on the edge of Finham Brook next to the swimming baths. It was handed over to the police!! However a growing concern was the amount of broken glass often found around the car park area and by the pavilion. Obviously this is dangerous both to the public and our valiant litter pickers.

Another Year’s Litter Picking well done. Thank you every one of the FOAF Litter pickers for your great efforts which are much appreciated by everyone.

Our  dates for 2018 are:

Saturday 7th April
Saturday 5th May
Saturday 2nd June
Saturday 14th July (Please note this is not the first Saturday of the month) 
Saturday 4th August
Saturday 1st September
Saturday 6th October

All hands are welcome!

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