2021 Calendar Slogans

For the 2021 calendar we invited students from Priors Field Primary School to write a slogan or short poem for each of the months. Below are the slogans that were generated by the Year 6 students which were subsequently used in the calendar. Details of how and where to buy the calendar can be found here

A fresh new year awaits for you, full of joy, excitement and opportunities too.
Clara and Jess H
January 2021
As you flip the pancakes away, spring is on its way.
Beatrice, Charlie R, Owen
February 2021
Smell the scents, hear the tweets, lambs are born as the spring sun heats.
Florence and Katie
March 2021
April fools, jokes all round, having fun, you won’t feel down.
Lucas, Megan and Jimi
April 2021
A week of no school is here, the start of summer is near. Ella and HannahMay 2021
Walking through the sun, sunbathing too, we hope you enjoy summer, ‘cause there’s lots to do.
Ethan, Elsie and Oscar F
June 2021
The ice-creams melt as the heat of summer is felt. Sand between your toes as the sea comes and goes.
Jess R, Jess L and Scarlett
July 2021
Dancing and prancing in the August sun, let’s all enjoy the summer fun.
Jess L, Emilia and Henry
August 2021
Summer is starting to end and autumn is around the bend. Emilia, Mariam and Charlie GSeptember 2021
As the glorious colours from the sky, slowly fade away, the Halloween season is on its way.
Isobel, Amelie and Evan
October 2021
Remember, remember, bonfires in November, the fun will never end, it’s nearly December.
Henry, Adam Oscar Br
November 2021
Inside it’s cosy and warm, with our hot chocolates, we watch the snow fall.
Oscar Be and Francesca
December 2021

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