Bats in Abbey Fields

Abbey Fields is fortunate to have a variety of bats both visiting and residing within its boundaries. Each year we try to hold a Bat Walk to see what bats we can find.  In 2003 members of Friends of Abbey Fields made donations towards the provision of bat boxes in the Abbey Fields. The Bat Boxes were made for us by the Warwickshire Bat Group and they were installed by their volunteers and Warwick District Council Arboricultural team.

As well as the Bat Walks organised by Friends of Abbey Fields, Warwickshire Bat Group carry out occasional surveys of the bat boxes to see if these are being used by our bats. Reports of such surveys are shown below the Bat Walks

These are images of some of the types of bats that have been seen in Abbey Fields

Noctule Bat #02

Noctule Bat #02

Photograph by Dennis Atherton 

Daubenton's Bat #01

Daubenton’s Bat #01

Photograph by Richard Crossen

Daubenton's Bat #03

Daubenton’s Bat #03

Photograph by Richard Crossen

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Results of Warwickshire Bat Group Surveys

June 2018 WBG Survey