Insects in Abbey Fields

Abbey Fields has many different habitats including the brooks and lake, the meadows, the hedges and hedgerows, the trees, buildings and other man made structures. In addition it is surrounded by houses and gardens. These different habitats provide suitable environments for a multitude of plants, birds, animals and insects.

In 2021 Friends of Abbey Fields asked one of the UK’s leading experts on the subject of invertebrates and insects to survey Abbey Fields. Our intent was that he would conduct his survey during the year and provide a report which would detail what he was able to find.

Steven Falk worked during 2021 to collect his information. You may well have seen him walking around Abbey Fields, swinging his large white net which he was using to catch flying insects.

You can see his full report by clicking here.
The supporting raw data can be seen as a spreadsheet by clicking here.

It is often forgotten just how important insects are for the health of our planet

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