Moths in Abbey Fields

Moths are insects which are related to Butterflies.  They are one of those insects which many people dislike. However, if one takes the time to study them they can be seen to be fascinating creatures in their own right. Like the rest of the UK, Abbey Fields has its own population of moths. These are generally harmless. Usually adult moths do not eat at all and many do not have mouthparts and so cannot bite.  There are some species of adult moths that do eat and, for the most part, these will feed on Nectar.

Once evening a year Friends of Abbey Fields arrange a Moth Evening.  At these evenings an expert gives a short talk about moths and sets up moth traps so that we can have a look at the moths and see some of the many varieties that can be found locally. Don’t worry, the Moth Traps are designed so as not to harm the moths.

The following photographs show a moth trap and some of the moths and other insects that have been seen in Abbey Fields

Moth Trap

Shield Bug

Image provided by David Emsley

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