Recent Updates from 2018

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Updated Upcoming Events re completed Litter Pick (01/09/18)

Updated August 04  Himalayan Working Party (28/08/18) and August 04 Litter Pick

Added Moth Evening 2018 page, updated Moths in Abbey Fields and Upcoming Events (28/08/2018)

Added new Wildflower Meadow  page and menu item in Activities (08/08/18)

Added report about the Wild Flower Meadow Walk 0n 30 June 2018 (03/08/2018)

Updated Bats in Abbey Fields (29/07/18) and published WBG Bat Survey report

Updated Working Parties(29/07/18) to include Himalayan Balsam working parties.

Updated Upcoming Events (29/07/18) and added WW1 Walk

Updated WDC War Memorial Surround Refurbishment (29/07/18)

Updated WDC Activities and added new page about the War Memorial surround refurbishment (18/07/18)

Updated Upcoming Events re completed Litter Pick and Himalayan Balsam Bash (16/07/18)

Updated Upcoming Events re completed Meadow Walk

Updated Litter Picking page (02/07/18)

New Page – Lime Tree Avenue (25/06/18)

Updated Upcoming Events re Himalayan Balsam Removal (18/06/18)

Added new pages Himalayan Balsam and Himalayan Balsam Working Parties (18/06/18)

Updated Working with WDC page (17 May 2018)

Added menu item under Activities to report on WDC Activities (17 May 2018)

Added pages to allow people to add own photographs in Public gallery (16/05/18)

Updated Upcoming Events re completed litter picks and Bird Walk (16/05/18)

Updated Litter Picks with results of May litter pick (16/05/18)

Published April 2018 news Letter  (11/05/18)

Created new 2018 Bird Walk Page (11/05/18) and updated Upcoming Events page to reflect that change.

Created new Crocus Border page (09 Apr 2018) and inserted under Features of Abbey Fields Menu.

Updated Membership page (08 Apr 2018) with revised Membership Form

Corrected Upcoming Events page (08 Apr 2018) to reflect correct DAY for 30 June Meadow Walk

Rephrased introduction comment in Data Protection page (05 April 2018) to clarify when new rules become applicable.

Corrected Upcoming Events page (05 April 2018) to reflect change to July Litter Pick date. Also Litter picking for same correction

Added Data Protection item in Home dropdown menu (04 April 2018).

Updated Fish in Abbey Fields Lake Page (10 March 2018) to include new page Fish Seen in Abbey Fields Lake

Updated Home Page (22 February 2018) with new image

Updated Fish in Abbey Fields Lake Page (21 February 2018) to correct a date error

Updated Membership page (21 February 2018) with new forms for Membership and Gift Aid

Created New page Fish in Abbey Fields Lake  (20 February 2018) to replace old Removal of Fish from the Lake – see Activities menu

Created Moths in Abbey Fields (11 January 2018) and re-aligned associated links

AGM Updated (18 January 2018) Added AGM 2018

2018 Calendar updated (15 January 2018) – Outlets updated

Upcoming Events 09 January 2018) – Added details for 2018 AGM

Newsletter updated  (09 January 2018) to emphasise link to Current Newsletter

Home updated (09 January 2018) Added Link to Working with WDC

Activities updated (09 January 2018) New menu option under Activities – Working with WDC


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