Recent Updates from 2019

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Created NEW top menu option – Abbey Fields – The Future with links to Chairmans Letter and WDC consultation pages

Updated AGM Page to include Draft Minutes for 2019 AGM

Updated Upcoming Events to reflect complete activities so far in 2019

Updated AGM page to reflect completed AGM meeting  for 2019

Updated Fish in Abbey Fields Lake with information about Fish Gulping

Updated Upcoming Events to reflect complete activities

Updated AGM page to reflect correct AGM meeting date for 2019

Updated Upcoming Events to AGM event to AGM page

Updated Upcoming Events to move completed items to foot of page

Updated Recent Updates to include  WDC/Friends of Abbey Fields Hawthorne Tree Planting

Updated AGM page to provide a link to the DRAFT 2018 AGM minutes (19/01/19)

Updated Upcoming Events to extend details of the Tree walk (19/01/19)

Updated this page (12/01/19)

Updated AGM page (12/01/19)

Updated Newsletter to include latest – Autumn/Winter 2018 – newsletter (12/01/19)

Updated Upcoming Events to show events scheduled for 2019 (12/01/19)


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