Each Year Friends of Abbey Fields arrange a number of events which are open to members of Friends of Abbey Fields as well as the residents of Kenilworth. These events help to bring a focus on some of the important and less well-known Natural History aspects of Abbey Fields: Birds, Bats, Trees, Moths and Meadows. Other events include some of the maintenance activities, which are so important in helping keep Abbey Fields a pleasant and interesting place for children and adults alike.

Where we can, we will also provide information about events which, although not organised by Friends of Abbey Fields, are directly or indirectly associated with Abbey Fields.

Everyone is welcome to attend Friends of Abbey Fields events, free of charge. 

If you would like to join FOAF details can be found here .

We are hoping to add further events later – our notice board in Abbey Fields will display details or check on our website or Facebook pages.

Walks and other Events
See Below for Litter Picking

(All subject to Covid rules and guidance on the date of the event)

Sunday April 24 at 08:00         Bird Walk  
Meet at the top end of St Nicholas Car Park.

Colin Potter, an ornithologist will lead our annual bird walk in Abbey Fields. With his assistance we should be able to see and hear a wide variety of the birds which live or hunt in the rich habitat that Abbey Fields offers. Everyone is welcome. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars for closer views of the birds.

Please note that, as before, this will be an early start to provide the best opportunity to see or hear some of the birds that frequent Abbey fields so we will start at 8:00 a.m.

Saturday 30 April at 10:00       Tree Walk               Meet at War Memorial

Once again, our Tree Walk will be led by the Warwick Tree Wardens. The range of trees in Abbey Fields makes it almost unique in Warwickshire and the Midlands.

Saturday 18 June at 10:00       Meadow Walk       Meet at War Memorial

This year Peter Larkin and Marilyn Lowe will lead our Meadow Walk.  In Abbey Fields the meadow areas were created to counteract the declining habitat for wildlife, but also to act as a haven for people. The opportunity to feel surrounded by nature has become a rare occurrence for most people.  This walk will be an opportunity for us to find out about the different grasses and plants that grow there and how the meadows help local wildlife.

Wednesday 13 July at 21:15/9:15 p.m.     Bat Walk
Meet at the top end of St Nicholas Car Park.

This walk will be led by Dr Jon Russ a bat expert and ecologist. We will be told about the types of Bats that are in/use Abbey Fields and the differences between the bats. He may bring a rescued bat to the event. Weather permitting, we should be able to see and ‘hear’ some of the different types of bats that reside in or near Abbey Fields.

Please note that as bats tend to fly at dusk, this is why we will start at 9:15 p.m.

Please bear in mind this is an evening event so please wear weather appropriate clothing – it can become cool after dark.

Friday 12 August at 21:00/9:00 p.m.          Moth Evening 
Meet at the top end of St Nicholas Car Park.

This will be led by David Brown the County Moth Recorder. He will bring two of his moth traps so that we will be able to see some of the many varieties of moths which can be found in Abbey Fields. It is surprising what lovely colours are displayed by these little creatures. Be assured, the moths are attracted to the lights of the moth traps – also, even if they do happen to fly close to you they will not hurt you.

Don’t forget to bring something warm to wear as it does get quite cool later on and don’t forget to bring your torch.

Please note that the best time to see moths is late evening and after which is why we will start at 9:00 p.m.

Litter Picking 2022

We also hold litter picks on the first Saturday of each month from May to October.
This year we will meet outside the Barn Museum at 9:30 am.
Old clothes and robust shoes are the order of the day and don’t forget your wellies if it has been raining. We provide the equipment – litter pickers, gloves, bin bags and tabards.

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