Wildflower Meadow

Since 2012, Friends of Abbey Fields and  Warwick District Council have been working to create a Wildflower Meadow which is is to the right of the footpath from the War memorial down to the swimming Baths.  Over the recent years the maintenance activities that have been carried out have been successful and we now have an excellent Wildflower Meadow which provides interest through the year.

Image copyright - David Emsley
Wild Flower Meadow just before harvesting starts. Image by David Emsley

In the spring it is green with wildflowers and grasses blooming in profusion, in the summer those same wildflowers and grasses are setting seed and they do so their colours start to turn and the plants dry so that by the end of July they can be harvested for hay. At this time WDC brings in the cutters, rollers and balers and after the bales have been taken away we are left with the short stems of the plants. However within a few weeks the new young growth starts to appear and over the winter this grows so that in the next spring the cycle can start again.

Wildflower Meadow Walk.

Friends of Abbey Fields arrange annual walks of the Wildflower Meadow. See here for the report arising from our latest Wildflower Meadow walk and see below for details of previous years.

History and other images

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