About Us

Who We Are

The Friends of Abbey Fields was formed in 2002 to help Warwick District Council care for Abbey Fields – a remarkable green space in Kenilworth that enchants its visitors. A small committee of volunteers manage the non-profit association, and along with the members, they support the Council in protecting the Abbey Fields’ precious habitats, ensuring the area remains Kenilworth’s most charming natural feature and a valuable local amenity.

What We Do

Discover Natural History

We schedule group events to explore the Fields’ diverse flora and fauna. These activities include guided tours to discover the birds, bats, moths, trees and meadows that grace the site.

Care for the Environment

We arrange regular working parties to plant wildflowers, control invasive species, pick litter, tidy grounds, etc.

Make Friends

Our organised activities contribute to the richness of the Abbey Fields site and to our understanding of it, but our association is rewarded too by friendships that are formed among our community of like-minded people.

Will You Join Us?

If you want to help, please join us. Members are under no obligation to participate in activities, but they all benefit from receiving regular newsletters and from knowing that they are supporting a worthy local cause! Will You Join Us?

See also: The Constitution.