We schedule group events to explore the Fields’ diverse flora and fauna. These activities include guided tours to discover the birds, bats, moths, trees and meadows that grace the site.

Each year we liaise with WDC to see how we can improve areas of the Fields, either by removing litter, clearing brambles, pruning lower branches of trees, sowing wildflower seeds, planting bulbs or renewing hedgerows. As well as helping with the biodiversity in the Fields they are enjoyable social occasions.

See below for details of these activities. Please join us!

Note that our Risk Assessment Document is available at all events and the full Health and Safety Plan is also available to read online. Please review these important documents if you intend to participate.

“I feel it’s been another enjoyable year being a member of FOAF – I have enjoyed helping out on some of the litter picks and ‘gardening’ sessions.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed the walks and talks in Abbey Fields – I am very appreciative of the time and enthusiasm people bring.”

Hilary (FOAF Member, 2023)

Working Parties

We currently have no activities for this category, please check back again soon.