Himalayan Balsam Removal June 2018

This is our first attack at the Himalayan Balsam this year. It is growing along the banks of Finham Brook and needs to be removed to help prevent its spread to wider areas in Abbey Fields and surrounding Areas.

On this occasion we only managed six ‘Himalayan Balsam Bashers’ however they managed to collect about 15 bags of balsam.  The volunteers were great, diligent and enthusiastic! It was a pleasure to work with them. In places the Himalayan Balsam was so dense that once removed, it left a totally clear patch of earth with no other plants. This alone justifies  its removal as it obviously just wipes out the indigenous growth .

It was a very satisfying exercise. If you secure the easily identifiable hollow stem low enough and gently tug, the complete plant and root can be lifted easily and safely.

Quite a therapeutic  exercise although not good for the back as at least  one of the volunteers will attest to.

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