Splendid Success – Children’s Nature Day

We’re thrilled to share some splendid news about our first-ever Children’s Nature Day Event, hosted by the Friends of Abbey Fields, on Monday, March 25th, in Abbey Fields!

This day was a special trial aimed at welcoming more children into the Friends of Abbey Fields family. Led by the seasoned Conservationist Jo Harper, with the support of our very own Fern Arnold and two dedicated helpers from Kenilworth Sixth Form, the children had a day filled with learning, exploration and discovery about nature.

Despite the damp conditions, our young adventurers embraced the elements. They ventured outdoors to explore the hedgerows, lake, and meadows, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of habitats within Abbey Fields. Under Jo Harper’s guidance, they were treated to a treasure trove of knowledge about the local fauna and flora.

Feedback from some of our parents:

“Our daughter had a great time at the Nature Day. She learnt a lot and was keen to continue adding to the booklet she brought home. She was inspired! Her favourite part was learning how to calculate the age of trees. Clearly, a lot of effort had been put in to make the day very enjoyable as well as a great learning experience for the children. Our daughter had nothing negative to report; she said she had a great time. I asked if there was anything she wished had been different, and her only comment was it would have been good if she was allowed to add her own soil to the seed she was planting. Apart from that, a success! Thank you.”

“I just wanted to say thank you & well done to everyone involved with today’s nature day. My daughter came out on a high, full of all the activities she’d done and with a resounding Yes! when I asked if she’d like to come again sometime. Later in the day I asked her to sum up nature day in one word and she said ‘amazing’. Thank you so much for organising this- I hope you felt it a success.”

It truly warms our hearts to receive such positive feedback! We’re over the moon knowing that our young explorers had a marvellous time and are eager for more adventures in Abbey Fields.

So here’s to muddy boots, curious minds, and the boundless wonders of Abbey Fields! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to making this day a resounding success.

Please keep an eye open for further events in May and September and a possible Bat Evening, again specifically for children.

Until next time, keep embracing the magic of nature!

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