Working with WDC – Dec 2017

The monthly “walk round” by members from WDC and Friends of Abbey Fields was held directly after the very heavy snowfall earlier in the week. Despite the severity of the weather and the heavy usage by tobogganers, the Fields looked in good condition.

The streams were in full spate, giving a much-needed flush through. In anticipation of the annual Duck Race on Boxing day, some work was in hand, but their use as an effective barrier to prevent children falling into the stream would not be compromised. Winter work was needed to remove brambles at the rear of the Lake footpath and this would depend on when a tractor could get onto the ground.

As in previous years, leaves were mulched as part of the mowing works, which enabled the mulch to be taken into the ground and act as a fertiliser for the grass and provide nutrients for insects.

On the south side of the stream adjacent to the swimming pool, a tractor had got stuck in the soft ground resulting in heavy rutting. English Heritage has agreed for the ground to be restored… again when the weather and ground condition permits.

In the Play areas work has been completed to replace the original matting with a composite of shredded rubber and adhesive. This looks significantly better and should last a lot longer.

Maintenance of the play area apparatus continues as required; albeit slowly.

Work had again been carried out on the Mound where the base of a tree had been set alight.

A full tree inspection by WDC had been carried out; highlighted were cedars in the churchyard, cherry tree at Foresters Rd and large oak to the rear of the Pool, fire damage.

No further work on Himalayan balsam was possible… this would have to be done in 2018.

The fields are more secure following the installation of new gates. However, the gate leading to the swimming pool had to be left open during the day as the barrier was not working. ( hopefully a short-term problem).

It was unlikely that additional bird, owl or bat boxes would be needed.

The path from Malthouse / High St to the churchyard was being surveyed by WDC with a view to resurfacing

Part of the wall into the play area had cracked, and work was in progress to refit the stonework.

KAAC had advised WDC of a surfeit of stone from the Tantara store which could be used to build a bench adjacent to the swimming pool. Ongoing.

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