Footpath Repair 2020

In November 2020, you might have seen WDC contractors working on the path from the ford entrance going round the north side of the lake. We’re sure that you will be aware that that stretch of path can get very wet and as a result, unpleasant to walk along even for our ardent dog walkers.  WDC had received complaints about the path for months. These were much needed works in order to resolve health hand safety issues and to keep users safe.

Basically, as a result of the footfall the path was worn out. The surface of the stone path had worn down to the base coat and in places the base coat itself had disappeared, and the substrate was exposed.  This resulted in puddles, mud, slipperiness and complaints. 

In the past few weeks the path was resurfaced/repaired to remove the water collecting in the low areas in the middle point and to provide a safe walking surface.  The material used was the same as they used last time i.e. granite MOT type one base stone with a 3mm to dust granite topping resulting in the path shown in the photographs.

We all can now enjoy safer, dryer walking along there although I suspect that there will be a few children, even some adults, who will miss the puddle jumping!

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