Bird Walk, 21 April 2024

On Sunday, 21st April, FOAF organised an early morning Bird Walk in Abbey Fields. Around 30 participants enjoyed a gentle stroll, identifying over 20 species, some by sight and some by sound. Our friends from the Coventry and Warwickshire RSPB looked after us.

We saw the Blackcap, usually a summer visitor, but with the warming climate and increase in garden feeders, more are willing to ‘stick around’ over winter.

The Goldcrest, a fascinating sight with its distinctive black and yellow stripe on its head, graced us with its presence. This tiny marvel, the smallest bird in the UK at just 9cm in length, is a testament to the diversity of our local avian population.

On the lake, we spotted a pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, a sight less common in Abbey Fields than the ubiquitous Black Headed Gulls. These elegant creatures, with their slate grey backs and striking yellow legs, added to our bird-watching experience.

A Buzzard was calling overhead, and a Reed Warbler in the reeds by the north side of the lake was heard but hard to spot.

As we walked back to the car park, we spotted a Nuthatch, with its blue-grey wings and orange breast, at the entrance to a nest box on the tall trees just past the Barn. Holding on with their toes, they can descend headfirst down tree trunks, the only UK bird with this ability.

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