Butterfly Garden 2011

In partnership with Warwick District Council, the Friends of Abbey Fields took advantage of a crisp, clear Saturday in January 2011 to give a complete makeover to the somewhat neglected border in front of Abbey Fields swimming pool. Eleven volunteers from Friends of Abbey Fields worked under the instruction of Jon Holmes, Contracts Manager from Warwick District Council, and two of his colleagues from Glendale to completely change this border, which had formerly contained some sad-looking conifers.

It took the group two hours to plant about 600 plants, transforming this border into a lovely, bright-looking area that will be attractive to visitors and provide food and shelter to a range of butterflies. The plants included heathers, dogwood, lavender, sedum, bistort, yew, buddleia and willow. Hopefully, these plants will provide food and nectar for a range of butterflies and their caterpillars. We were delighted that so many people were keen to get involved in replanting this area and are grateful to them and to Warwick District Council for working with us to improve Abbey Fields.

We have now attached a butterfly chart to the fence to the left of the Garden so that passers-by can identify any butterfly they see.

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